TZZ Games

Revenge Of Stickman

It's war time.start a shadow fight with vending machine to unleash your wrath

Stickman Vex

Stickman VEX parkour platform, impaled jumping and running.Enjoy stickman boost

Escape School

New escape high school game online. 30+ puzzels and animations

Boxing Live

Create and train your boxer, enjoy the funny but exciting boxing live.Punch out!

Potty Launch

The stickman launch his potty racer into sky, learn how to fly

Tower Defender

Castle shooting defense three in arrow , more weapons, skills and monstors!

Shark Jump

As a shark to eat animals,make explosions,and bring down airliners.Very exciting

Gun Fight

Funny face mafia character shooting the enemy off enough times to progress

Troll Knight

Start a troll adventure with unlucky knight. No logic,Nonsensical,Just For Fun